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About Us

Donaldson Machine employees

Donaldson & Landry, Inc. has been operating since 1998.

With over 300 years combined experience in our field, Donaldson & Landry, Inc. has become known and recognized by clients and competitors alike in specialty repair and reproductions.  Whether the opportunity is one of repair or quantity, each detail is managed by experience. The need for fast, quality service prompted the formation of Donaldson-Landry, Inc. to better serve the industrial, manufacturing, recycling, and construction equipment sectors.

“We understand if you need a part repaired… you needed it yesterday!”

We are known for:

  • Our diverse skill sets – servicing industries ranging from silicon wafer handling and production to concrete handling,
  • Repairing parts and assemblies for forklifts, excavators, conveyors, ships, railroad, the food industry, lumber and logging,
  • Finding creative solutions to customer problems,
  • Our research and development work.
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